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BirdBeeRayGunsSound: Some of the edgy, electro pop/jazzy lounge hybrid prevalent on their self-titled debut album (my #14 Album of 2007) remains on this follow-up, but they’ve toned down much of the attitude and moved in an even slicker, tamer, more orchestrated direction. But multi-instrumentalist/producer Greg Kurstin continuously adds musical surprises to balance out the sweet, poppy sounds – like the occasional aggressive, hip-hop flavored beat, fuzzed-out guitar or twinkling electronic harpsichord. And Inara George’s angelic voice floats and glides above all the intricate arrangements.
Look For: A schmaltzy and somewhat silly tribute to one of the greatest – if not the greatest – frontmen of all time, David Lee Roth on “Diamond Dave,” and one of the most tongue-in-cheek and proper dance party songs of all time “Polite Dance Song.”
Heavy Rotation tracks: “Ray Gun”; “What’s In the Middle”
Medium Rotation tracks: “Polite Dance Song”; “Lifespan of a Fly”; “Love Letter to Japan”; “Birthday”
Recommended: Ray Guns Are Not Just the Future is a strong achievement in production, and half of the time the songwriting and melodies are on par. But the other half of the time, the lyrics can get a little silly and distracting and the tunes can fall flat. It’s a step down from their debut, but it certainly has several worthwhile moments.
Grade: B+

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3 Responses to “The Bird and the Bee Ray Guns Are Not Just the Future (Blue Note)”

  1. Quincy Gaines Says:

    I loved every minute of this album. In my opinion each other their albums has their own level of greatness and style which pertains to the time period they were made. The Bird and the Bee’s self-titled project was great. Their new project “Ray Guns are not just the Future” is also great. Both are excellent and prime examples of true musicianship. Greg and Inara’s style make you want to listen to there music 24/7. All day! Each album and all four of their EP’s are truly unique in their greatness, and you simply cannot compare them to eachother. They are all wonderful and equally addicting upon the first listen. And apart from revealing that they indeed are my favorite band of all time, I can truly say that I will never grow tired of hearing their music. It’s so wonderful!

  2. Quincy Gaines Says:

    By the way, I work as a school bus driver for a private school in Brentwood, California — their songs “My Love” and “Love Letter To Japan” scored big time as hits with the kids on my bus route. For over a week they begged me to put “Love Letter to Japan” on repeat because they love its chorus and highly infectious dance beat. We’ve been listening to it every day for the past week since the CD was released. “My Love” is mesmerizing and captivating. “Diamond Dave” and “Witch are lush, captivating and brilliant. “Meteor” and “Baby” are dreamy. “Ray Gun” is thought provoking. “You’re a Cad” is delightful, whimsical and fun. “Lifespan of a fly” is the kind of song I would want to sing and leave as a memory for my own kids someday after I pass. “Birthday” is thoughtful, energetic and fun and reminds us we aren’t alone and that we have people in our daily lives who truly and deeply care for us. “Polite Dance Song” is fun and a welcome revisit to this album from the “Please Clap Your Hands EP.” “What’s in the middle” is hot and oozes with thought provoking sex appeal and a driving beat and chorus that sticks with you; It makes you wish that you could just stop what you’re doing, forget the world, and stay at home sleeping all day. There’s a bonus track available on the Vinyl LP edition of “Ray Guns”. Once I get that I’ll comment on it’s closing track.

  3. Dave Says:

    Quincy, good to hear you’re into one of the more original and innovative acts of the last couple years. And it’s excellent you’re passing on some of the goodness to the kids on your bus -and that they like what they hear. It certainly has a monster hook.

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