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YeahYeahYeahsIsIsEPSound: A mix of the noisy and raucous art punk of their debut Fever to Tell (my #20 album of 2003) and the more polished and posed indie rock of the follow-up Show Your Bones (my #3 album of 2006). Most of the songs were written in the time between those two releases (but never saw a proper release), which makes sense, since the music logically bridges the gap between them.
Heavy Rotation tracks: none
Medium Rotation tracks: All of them
Recommended: Yeah Yeah Yeahs EPs have been as important as their albums throughout their career. Is Is lacks the standout, memorable hooks of any of their previous releases, but the sounds created on here are nearly as exciting as anything they’ve done. If you think Yeah Yeah Yeahs are one of the more innovative bands and Karen O is one of the best frontwomen (or men for that matter) of the decade, then Is Is is certainly worth your time and money.
Grade: B+

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3 Responses to “Yeah Yeah Yeahs Is Is EP (Fontana Interscope)”

  1. Ben Says:

    I’m having a hard time summoning the energy for much of anything out of this crowd anymore.

    This band once had me excited by the potential for Zimmer’s work, but I feel like he’s never really broken out with the guitar anthem he seemed destined to make. Instead, he sitting in the back shading this or that, or cranking out noise.

    Kelly Clarkson’s producers had to rip him off and do it right for the bridge to “Since You Been Gone,” which may end up being his biggest contribution to pop music.

    I don’t get why it happened either. I suspect they might have felt that keeping the spotlight on Karen O was the formula for success, but the unwillingness of Brooklyn’s finest to embrace the elements of music I most enjoy (salient, sustained melody…tight song structure) is keeping me from paying much attention.

  2. Ben Says:

    Pardon me, Zinner. Nick Zinner.

    Same thing has happened to Bloc Party too. Their first album was full of ripping guitar lines. Second one was nothing but mush.

  3. Dave Says:

    “Show Your Bones” had some riffs – “Gold Lion,” “Phenomena.” Excellent album.

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