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GameDoctor'sAdvocateNote: Despite the title, there are no Dr. Dre-produced tracks (he’s keeping his distance from The Game as a result of his well-publicized feud with 50 Cent) on The Doctor’s Advocate (there were several on The Game’s major label debut The Documentary). The album is full of A-list production, though, from Kanye West, Just Blaze, Will.I.Am, Scott Storch and Swizz Beats.
Sound: Synths, piano and strings frequently drive the laid back gangsta funk, heartfelt reflections, ominous street bangers and bouncin’ party jams. It’s a predictable crop of mainstream hip hop and West Coast gangsta beats with some recycled instrumentals, samples and hooks. Ultimately, though, the music is satisfying and hard-hitting.
Lyrics: His rugged, thuggish and raspy rhymes address the situations with 50 Cent and Dr. Dre and repeatedly shout out the West Coast and his Compton forefathers. There’s a desperation and urgency in his voice as he fights to claim his spot as an artist outside of the shadows of his mentors.
Heavy Rotation track:It’s Okay (One Blood)
Medium Rotation tracks:Remedy”; “Let’s Ride”; “Too Much” “Da Shit
Explicit Lyrics*: On pretty much every track. You’ll need the clean version if you’ve got to keep your music FCC-friendly.
Recommended: All of The Game’s pleading and ass-kissing could feel pathetic, but the realness and sincerity he brings to hip hop is captivating. Despite some retreaded, by-the-numbers production, The Doctor’s Advocate feels like a more cohesive and complete statement than The Documentary. His latest, however, does have fewer hits than this breakout debut.
Grade: B- (1st half = B+; 2nd half = C+)

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* Noting of explicit lyrics is for the benefit of radio music directors or anyone else that needs/wants to keep their music FCC-friendly.

3 Responses to “The Game The Doctor’s Advocate (Geffen)”

  1. Ben Says:

    Is there anything here as good as “Hate it or Love it?”

    Also, is the album better or worse than Diddy’s Press Play?

  2. Dave Says:

    “It’s Okay (One Blood)” is the best thing he’s done yet.

    The Game can rap. Diddy can’t.

  3. da prince Says:

    the game is da best. 50 cent is a snitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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