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FionaAppleThursday night at 9pm Eastern, Fiona Apple and Quentin Tarantino’s episode of Iconoclasts premiered on the Sundance Channel. The series brings two icons together for some discussion and relaxation in an environment comfortable (or at least familiar) to them. An earlier episode this season featured Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder and surfer extraordinaire Laird Hamilton. November 30th is the premiere of Dave Chappelle and Maya Angelou.

Tonight was my first introduction to the show, and I tuned in solely because of Fiona. She’s such a shy recluse that the prospect of an hour’s worth of spying and eavesdropping on one of the greatest musical artists of our time was impossible to pass up.

Iconoclasts didn’t disappoint, but the first fifteen minutes are a little Tarantino heavy. You do learn, though, about the key movie that inspired his art, Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein. At a young age, he found that the mixing of great comedy and horror made for the best cinema, in his mind. That kind of revelation into such a stylized director is enough to keep you interested.

As the show goes on, you get more and more insight into Fiona. She talks about her need to record music to explain her odd personality to people. She also talks about the personal therapy that comes from writing…and how she won’t write if there’s nothing inspiring her (which sadly for us can lead to years off…but it must be nice for her). Plus, we learn that isolation followed by boredom is her ideal pre-performance ritual.

If you missed Fiona & Quentin on Iconoclasts, don’t worry, it’s on cable. It will re-run plenty. According to my digital guide, the next four repeats are:

(All Times Eastern)
Friday (11/10) at 6p
Saturday (11/11) at 2p
Sunday (11/12) at 11a & 6:30p

Sundance Channel has some teaser clips on their website.

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  1. Yoder Says:

    Two weeks ago was the eddie vedder and laird hamilton episode mostly shot at laird’s compound on the north shore of Maui. It’s a brilliant concept. Have two people who respect each other ‘interview’ each other. Much like with Fiona Apple, myths are dispelled, and you start to understand the artists’ views, motvies, and points of view.

    I recommend all of them.

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